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Contact us here to place your pre-order for Canada Day! 

We will have some extra, but please pre-order if possible so we know how much to make.

Pick-up at the Chamber of Commerce building,

Friday July 1st, between 3pm and 5pm

Please enter your order below. You can order the following:

- Slow smoked Brisket, $30/lb. Order in 1/2 lb increments.

- Porchetta stuffed with herbs, $25/lb. Order in 1/2 lb increments.

- BBQ Chicken, 1/2 chicken $20. Order 1/2 or whole chicken.

Pick up is Friday, not Sunday like the note after ordering might say!

Thanks for submitting! See you on Sunday between 2pm and 5pm!

Pre-ordering : Pre-Ordering
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